All You Need to Know About Commercial Landscape Investment and Its Maintenance Costs

Every business owner or manager must know that commercial landscape design is not just about sticking some plants and mulch in front of your commercial building or your storefront. You need to have a well planned and thoughtful landscape. It is an investment that leads to long term benefits like community goodwill, better customer relations, boosted brand value and in many cases, enhanced profits.

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If you are considering making this investment, you should realize that some parts of the project would just need a one-time investment while some will have ongoing operating costs. In case you are thinking why learning this difference is important, you should know that most of the business owners assume that a commercial landscape needs a one-time investment which is so wrong. Such business owners don’t plan for maintenance expenses and complain when the investment turns from being an asset to being a liability.


As a business owner, you should avoid the same mistake by realizing that if commercial landscape capital spending has no support from money budgeted to protect as well as manage that investment, it will worsen over time and turn into a liability, and in some cases a continuous drain on resources.


This example might help


You can consider investing money in developing a commercial landscape as investing it in a commercial vehicle like a delivery truck. If your business has just begun, your business plan will most likely include keeping money aside for a delivery truck. It will ensure timely delivery of products to the customers so that they remain happy and content with your company. If you don’t keep the money aside for regular maintenance of the delivery truck, you may not go for fuel, oil changes, repairs, useless part replacement, etc. Doing so would ensure that the truck is not able to perform in the long run. It will be a liability rather than an asset.


Maintenance of a commercial landscape works in a similar manner. The initial investment done during the installation is your capital investment while you need to set aside money for tasks like soil preparation, plantings, drainage and irrigation installation, hardscape construction and many other such activities needed by your landscape. You also need to pay for ongoing operating expenses like weed control, watering, pest control, pruning, trimming, grass cutting etc. as they will play a key role in ensuring that your landscape is not only healthy and beautiful but it’s a thriving business asset as well.




Hence, before you spend any money on your landscape, you should ensure that you can afford operating cash that will be needed to maintain it. You have the option of restructuring your commercial landscape project in order to minimize the ongoing costs like fertilizing, irrigation, annual or semi-annual plantings etc. In cases where the landscaping project is bigger than your budget, you can plan to phase in development and its maintenance as per your budget. You should know that if you develop a commercial landscape and maintain it properly, it will offer scores of short and long term benefits to your business to give you a better return on investment. So, don’t try to cut corners on quality as it may cut down the ROI heavily.